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Central Coast Wines



Fittingly derived from the French verb 'to find', Truvée [TRUE-VAY] is a reflection of our vision that grew out of two individual stories.

We both grew up independently of each other in emerging wine regions (New Zealand and California), each fostering our own appreciation for the craft of winemaking, unaware of the another's existence for nearly half of our lives.

Our father’s final wish was "to find" and connect his two daughters, and with the help of his family and despite the 7,000 miles that separated us, we were united for the first time in 1999 at the ages of 16 and 25. After connecting, we formed a deep and lasting friendship, and also discovered our mutual interest in the art of grape growing and winemaking.

Marrying 10 plus years of experience in the wine industry as négociants, and creators of Wines from New Zealand, we have crafted another authentic, but affordable luxury wine, this time from select vineyards within the Central Coast of California. Our vision for Truvée is to make delicious wines everyone can enjoy and inspire people "to find" what matters most to them.


Robin & Andréa McBride


All four members of our Truvée wine making team are passionate and creatively gifted women.

Our vision for Truvée is to create elegant, finely balanced wines that are not heavy handed and express distinct individuality. Stylistically, Truvée bridges wines that sit between old world and new world: no polarizing flavors or characteristics, just unique blends, showcasing finesse from some of our best vineyard locations on the Central Coast.

The terroir is a very important influence on the Central Coast. The micro-climates, soils, topography and even latitude degree change within every vineyard influence quality. This is not a homogenized region and sustainability is at the forefront of all of our growing efforts: it is the right thing to do, it integrates environment, social and economic structure and contribute to better quality and balance in everything.

“Vine balance = wine chemistry balance, which leads to quality”


“The winemaking style focuses on preserving varietal character developed in the vineyard while creating distinct wines through blending to achieve a sum that is greater than its parts. Each component enhances and elevates the overall blend.”


Truvée Grenache /Syrah Red Blend + Truvée Chardonnay


2014 Chardonnay

2014 Chardonnay

Central Coast, California
California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

We selected grapes for this Chardonnay from sustainably farmed vineyards within the Central Coast of California - Edna Ranch and Bien Nacido. This is a elegant, lightly oaked style of Chardonnay.

Nose: Pear, Pineapple, green apple, honeysuckle and citrus.

Palate: Tropical fruit, white peach, citrus with just a hint of vanilla.

Finish: Long, clean and crisp finish.


$15.99 - Buy Truvée

$15.99 - Buy Truvée

2013 Red Blend

2013 Red Blend

California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

We selected grapes for this Grenache / Syrah Red Blend from sustainably farmed vineyards within the Central Coast of California - San Benito, Chalone, Monterey and Paso Robles. This is a complex, fruit driven and smooth red wine.

Nose: Blueberry, blackberry and red cherry.

Palate: Full body, blackberry, blueberry and red cherry, with the addition of caramel and cocoa influenced from the use of French oak and very light, soft, tannins.

Finish: A long, smooth, decadent finish.


$15.99 - Buy Truvée

$15.99 - Buy Truvée