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The more you look, the more you find.
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About Us

Truvée is more than just a wine brand. We are a brand that is as passionate about supporting and empowering women as we are about making expertly crafted wine.

At the heart of Truvée lies our own Collective of inspiring, creative, playful and passionate women.

We know that women are more than meets the eye. That beyond the obvious stereotypes lies passion and potential that you don’t always see. We are drawn together by the desire to inspire women to find the confidence to follow these passions to realise their own potential; and we want to shine a spotlight on women who do so.

We believe that being inspired and inspiring others has a snowball effect. But we appreciate that all women are unique.  Our passion is for creating a wine brand for women just like us. We support & collaborate with females to make their passions a reality. And we help to create a conversation between like-minded women. Our door is always open to share a glass of wine and another story with the women in our world.

The More You Look, the More You Find