The Truvee Collective

The Truvée Collective

A diverse group of women, united by wine.

Truvée is a collaboration of the female spirit at every step of the way. The Truvée brand has been steered by a group of women - the Truvée Collective – who have helped shape its character, values, wine style, varieties and packaging, right down to the intricate details on the brand communications.

The Truvée Collective is made up of seven women united by wine. Each woman works in a different field and the differences in perspectives, experience, knowledge and interests is the strength of this group; as the saying goes, the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.

Their goal was to create a wine brand that they were passionate about; and wines that women, like them, would enjoy. In essence, collaboration and connection is at the heart of Truvée. Although the original Truvée Collective of seven women has helped to shape the direction of Truvée, a snowball effect has since developed with other inspired and like-minded women making their mark on the development of Truvée in each market.

Head with Compass


“Travelling for me is an adventure. It’s about constant learning and finding new things, each of them adding fabric to my soul. Every place I have visited has changed me a little bit and shaped who I am today. And it’s with this curious mind that I approach life, always learning, evolving and trying to be and do better. Launching Truvée is my little adventure into creating a brand that encourages other people to do the same.”

– Katie, Sales

Thoughts on a Tree


“For me, my family is the most important thing in the world. They are the people who love, care and understand me the most. It’s their support that provides me with a setting for personal growth and provides a source of inspiration. The tree represents that for me. My family are my roots and without them, I cannot grow. Working on this amazing brand has provided so much growth for me – I am passionate about women stepping out of their day-to-day responsibilities to understand what drives them. I hope this brand inspires other women to do the same.”

– Danni, Packaging

Thoughts on My Dog

My Dog

“When I take my dog for a walk, it is like an escape where I can truly focus on myself and organise my thoughts. It’s a precious time as it helps me to know myself better, to be more ‘in tune’ with my body. More self-aware and open to self-growth. When we developed Truvée, we wanted to make sure that it wasn’t all about climbing the corporate ladder. It may be this for some people, but we also wanted it to be about women getting in tune with themselves. This may lead to small changes or smaller things that you pursue.”

– Kayla, Finance

Thoughts on Singapore Orchids

Singapore Orchids

“Orchids have many meanings attached to them, but the reason they are important to me is that they are a symbol of strength and femininity. They represent that being a women is not a weakness and nothing can stop me to pursue my dreams and conquer. I’m a go getter, but at times, I get bogged down with just getting things done and keeping my family afloat. Orchids are a great reminder to me that although I am a woman (and yes I have a lot on), I can still pursue something for me, and I should. I hope Truvée strikes a chord with women out there so they can go and do the same.”

– Kate, Winemaker

Thoughts on a Book


“My greatest motivation comes from learning new things. I am energised by pushing the limits of my capabilities, whether they be related to career or personal growth. I work in corporate finance so launching Truvée has given me an outlet for pursing my passion for creativity in a new and different way. My hope is that this will motivate other women to follow their passions, because regardless of the outcome, you will still have learned something and have a valuable experience to take with you wherever you go.”

– Brooke, Mergers & Acquisitions

Head with Person Meditating


“Meditation is a daily ritual for me. I have a hectic life with three kids and a busy job, but I always find the time to meditate. It’s virtually the only time of the day that I have to myself and it really centres me. It gives me perspective and accesses a part of me that I would otherwise be ‘too busy’ for. I come out of meditation with a much clearer perspective on the things I want to focus on – big and small. I hope that Truvée is a reminder for women out there to spend some time on themselves.”

– Kristy, Marketing

Thoughts on a Butterfly


“The world outside my window is an absolutely inspirational place. When I am immersed in nature it allows me time for reflection, my mind can relax and leave behind the stress of daily life. It’s a place where I admire visual beauty in the natural surroundings, focus my thoughts and learn more about myself. One of the great things about nature is its ability to rejuvenate and adjust. I hope that a glass of Truvée allows women some time to unwind, relax and spend a little time thinking about what it is that lights a spark within them.”

– Mandy, Supply